Where to Celebrate International Hot & Spicy Food Day. 

January 16 is National Hot & Spicy Food Day. Many of us love it. But beyond the pleasing feeling that the spicy kick gives us, hot and spicy food actually has health benefits to it. Here are some of the benefits to eating hot and spicy foods:

  • They can help with weight loss (it has been found to supress hunger and burn calories).
  • Peppers can clear out sinuses. The capsaicin in peppers is similar to a compound found in many decongestants, so the hotter the pepper the greater the impact.
  • Spicy peppers help to prevent ulcers. The capsaicin kills any bacteria that causes ulcers.
  • Spicy foods can help lower blood pressure and keep your heart healthy.

Here are 3 restaurants in the Cumming / Forsyth area to celebrate Hot & Spicy Food Day.

Cheeky Taqueria
Who doesn’t love Mexican food? Everyone, right? Cheeky Taqueria has chips and salsa and delicious fajitas to share. Get the buffalo chicken taco – it’s delicious! Another tasty dish recommendation? Spicy cheese dip!

Madras Chettinaad
This Indian restaurant features lovely fragrant and spicy dishes of all kinds. The beautiful atmosphere is perfect for for date night or a girls night out. You can choose to dine in the evening or if you like to have a variety of spicy items for Hot and Spicy Food Day visit during lunch for an incredible Buffet.

Taco Mac
For exceptional wings and a superb beer list, you can’t beat Taco Mac. And speaking of wings, they do an outstanding job with their wings and will certainly set your mouth on fire for hot and spicy foods day! Taco Macs are family friendly and great for groups too!

Featured image credit: www.futureofpersonalhealth.com